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Statement of Purpose

  • Cariad provides high quality Foster Carers for children in Local Authority care;
  • Care will be provided for Short term, Long term, Emergency, Respite and Disability placements.
  • The welfare of children and young people placed with Cariad is paramount and will supersede all other considerations;
  • Children and young people will be protected from exploitation, neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse;
  • Cariad respects and promotes children and young people’s ethnic origins, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, health, gender, sexuality and special needs;
  • Cariad recruits Foster Carers who are able to meet the needs of the children;
  • Cariad provides a high level of support to Carers to enable them to help children achieve their potential;
  • Cariad values diversity and implements an equal opportunities policy;
  • Cariad is committed to dealing with incidents of bullying and harassment with sensitivity and confidence;
  • Cariad will deal promptly and objectively to all representations or complaints against the Company or anyone involved with the Agency.



Cariad’s mission statement and primary aim is “to provide quality Foster Carers for children looked after by Local Authorities in the South Wales area”.

In order to achieve this aim Cariad listens to the needs of its Carers and the children placed with them and provide care appropriate to the individuals involved. Regular liaison with other agencies is a must and Cariad works with a variety of Local Authority departments including education and health services as well as trainers, birth parents and the CSSIW to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children.


  • To concentrate our efforts on the needs of children in the South Wales area;
  • to remain a small company with a maximum of 25 Carers caring for approximately 25 – 35 young people;
  • to carefully match the needs of children with the skills of our Carers;
  • to provide stability and security for both Carers and children;
  • to provide a safe caring environment in which children can flourish;
  • to encourage children to achieve to the best of their ability;
  • to meet the child’s physical, health and emotional needs;
  • to meet the cultural and religious needs of the child;
  • to provide training and guidance for all Foster Carers and source specialist training when required;
  • to provide a fully qualified Supervising Social Worker;
  • to provide 24 hour support for Foster Carers and children;
  • to represent the foster families at all meetings for the child;
  • to promote contact with birth family members;
  • to ensure that all Foster Carers are DBS checked and are emotionally and physically fit to undertake the responsibility of the role.


Our full Brochure & Statement of Purpose is available on request

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