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Recruitment of Foster Carers

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to become a Foster Carer and there is no restriction on the upper age limit providing the applicant is fit and capable of the position. Applications from prospective Foster Carers are welcomed from people from all areas of South Wales and from all backgrounds.

Anyone who has been convicted of a sexual offence or violent act towards a child, young person or adult will be excluded.

Recruitment Process

  • After contacting us one of our team will be happy to come out and discuss any aspects of fostering or our agency with you – no obligation
  • On receipt of an application the assessment process will commence which may take several months to complete
  •  An assessor will be appointed and will make several visits to the family. The assessor’s report is comprehensive and will cover relationships, support networks, family history, religion racial and cultural backgrounds, employment history, interests hobbies, experience etc
  • You, your family and the assessor will decide on the age group and type of children you want to foster
  • At the same time arrangements will be made for the applicant to attend training sessions
  • An enhanced DBS check will be processed on all members of the household over the age of 18
  • Each applicant must undertake a medical with their own GP
  • A minimum of 3 written references will be taken
  • Checks will be sought from the applicant’s Local Authority and the CSSIW
  • All information supporting the application will be submitted to an independent panel. The Panel will decide whether to recommend approval of the Foster Carers

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